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The Platinum Prizes Visa with Money Back Remunerations accompanies a yearly charge of $95, yet additionally a decent cash back rewards program that can without much of a stretch make up for the yearly expense. You acquire 5% cash back awards on the first $5,000 of qualified buys on gas, staple, and web, link, satellite television and cell phone benefits every year, then, at that point, 1% from there on. Assuming you spend somewhere around $5,000 on food in a year, that is $250 in real money back before you hit the profit cap. The card likewise accompanies a higher least credit line of $500, making it a decent approach for somebody with normal credit.

Credit One Cards:

  • Credit One Bank American Express Card
  • Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit
  • Platinum Rewards Visa
  • Platinum Rewards Visa with No Annual Fee
  • Platinum Visa
  • Best Friends Credit Card
  • Six Flags Rewards Visa
  • Official Credit Card of NASCAR
  • Vegas Golden Knights Credit Card

Credit One Platinum Visa Card Highlights:

  • Credit One cardholders can meet all requirements for various money-back remunerations programs.
  • Credit One Bank Platinum Visas for revamping credit make up to 2% money back on qualified buys, including gas, staple goods, cell phone administration, network access, and link or satellite administrations.
  • You are not answerable for unapproved charges if your card is taken or lost.
  • View your Experian FICO assessment and credit report rundown free of charge every month on the web.
  • Credit One consequently surveys your records for credit limit increment openings.
  • High yearly expense
  • High financing costs
  • Standard credit line increments
  • Free financial assessment outlines
  • Choices for terrible credit

Credit One Platinum Visa Card Fees:

  • Annual fee from $0 to $99
  • ATM withdrawal fee is $10 or 3% to 5%
  • Foreign transaction fee is $1 or 3%
  • Credit One penalty fee is $39.

Accept Credit One Offer Online:

  • To accept the offer online use the link
  • Next at the center provide your approval code, zip code.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ button.


Credit One Offer accept


Pre-Qualify for Credit One Card:

  • Visit the webpage
  • Next at the center right side of the page click on ‘see if you pre-qualify’ tab.


credit one bank pre approval


  • Add your first name, middle initial, last name, mailing address, apt/unit, city, state, zip code, email address, main phone number, social security number, date of birth, your total monthly income
  • Now click on ‘See card offers’ button.

Get Credit One Card Approval Code:

  • Use the web address
  • At the center right side of the page click on ‘Search now’ button.


get credit one card


  • Enter your name, the last four numbers of social security hit on ‘See if I’m pre-approved’ button.

Check Credit One Card Application Status:

  • To check the application status visit the webpage
  • Now click on ‘Check your status’ button.
  • Provide your last name, SSN click on ‘Check status’ button.

Apply for Credit One Card:

  • Credit one bank has various credit cards. Here you will get explanation on the Platinum Visa card.
  • For the card application you need to pre-qualify first.
  • Now use the link and at top left side of the page click on Credit One logo.
  • Or you can get an easy access using the link
  • Now scroll down on the page and find the Platinum visa card and click on ‘See if you pre-qualify’ button.


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Login to your Credit One:

  • For the online bill payment go to the webpage
  • Secondly at the center right side of the page click on ‘Sign in’ tab.
  • Enter the username, password you have to click on ‘Sign in’ button.

Reset Credit One Login Details:

  • To reset the details go to the website
  • Next click on ‘Forgot username or password?’ button.
  • Add the SSN, credit card details. Now click on ‘Continue’ button.

Sign Up for Credit One Bank Card Account:

  • Go to the official webpage of the Credit One. The URL for the webpage is
  • Secondly click on ‘Set up online account access’ button.


credit one card set up


  • Enter the credit card details and SSN. You have to hit on ‘Continue’ button.

Activate Platinum Visa Card:

  • To activate the card go to the URL
  • Next login to the online account.
  • After you login you can use the credit card.

Credit One Bank Card Bill payment Through Mail:

  • To pay by mail, you have to send the payment to this address,
  • O. Box 60500, City of Industry, CA 91716-0500.

Credit One Bank Card Bill Pay by Payment Services:

  • Use payment services such as MoneyGram.
  • For this you have to use the code-1430.
  • You can also use, Apple, Google, and Samsung pay options.
  • For Western Union the city code is CREDITONEBANK and the code state is NV.

Credit One Bank Card Bill Payment Through Phone:

  • For the bill pay by phone you have to call on a toll-free number.

You have to callon (877) 825-3242 and follow the phone prompts.

Frequently Asked Questions on Credit One Offer:

  • What Type of Card is Credit One?

Credit One offers three kinds of cards: Credit One Bank Money Back Remunerations MasterCard. Credit One Bank Platinum Visa for Building Credit. NASCAR Visa from Credit One Bank

  • Is Credit One and Capital One the Same?

Despite the fact that they sound the same, commit no error that Capital One and Credit One proposition extremely different charge cards. Capital One is a prevailing backer and suits people with amazing, great, or normal credit. Credit One is a more modest monetary organization designed for customers with awful or no credit.

  • What Credit Score Do You Need To Get A Credit One Credit Card?

The Credit One Bank Visa is an extraordinary credit building choice, with a suggested financial assessment of 300-670. Regardless of whether you don’t know you’ll get supported, you can check whether you pre-qualify on the Credit One site without harming your FICO rating. 

Credit One Contact Information:

To get more details call on the toll-free number 1 (888) 729-6274.

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